Sacred Passages

A Center for green burial, home funerals and end of life planning in North Carolina’s Research Triangle

Death is a natural experience, a transition we all face.  In the past, family and friends took care of the arrangements themselves, allowing a peaceful transition for the dead and creating a profound experience for the living. This is again possible today.

For thousands of years families have taken care of their loved ones at home after death. It is a choice that is still possible. Despite common assumptions to the contrary, embalming is not required; the deceased can be kept at home (2 to 3 days is usual); a family can fill out and file the death certificate; a family can transport the deceased.

A traditional home funeral is a family-centered response to death. It is different from a conventional funeral by its emphasis on the family maintaining control and decision-making in the days after a death. Home funerals allow time to honor your loved one and to grieve in the privacy of your own home. The experience is unique and personal. It can also be more affordable and respectful to the environment.

  • Home Funerals place family and friends in charge of the funeral process at a time when death often leaves us feeling powerless.
  • Caring for loved ones at death promotes the beginning of closure and of the healing process, giving your family and friends the freedom to create your own ritual of farewell.
  • Many families, who have experienced a home vigil say that this experience leaves indelible connections between generations.  Children and young people witness how sorrow can be turned into creative loving expressions.
  • Home funerals are financially less imposing than conventional funeral


    A Will for the Woods” (trailer below) premiered at the Full Frame Fest in Durham, NC on April 6th. Sacred Passages Founder Jenny Bingham is featured in this eye opening film about green burials: