am always available for one on one or group discussions on all aspects of the transformative possibility of death.

To work with you in this way Sacred Passages is organized in three parts:1) Before death 2) at death and 3) after death.:

  1. Before death workshops are offered to teach about the advanced directives that allow the one who dies to be treated in the way they choose; and secondly, to educate family and friends on the alternatives to conventional funerals and burial, including the possibility of home funerals and natural burial.*
  2. At death we offer to guide you to care for your loved one’s body and to set up a loving vigil so that friends and family may spend time with the one who has crossed the threshold in the peace and familiarity of their home.
  3. After death we offer to create with you a funeral ceremony that is fitting for the one who has died and to assist in a natural burial process.