Conscious Healing from Loss

photo courtesy of Marian Kraus

photo courtesy of Marian Kraus

The grief and pain of losing a loved one or a relationship can be excruciating and terrifying, confusing and overwhelming. It can feel like it will never pass.

When we enter into intimate relationship we merge and bond on so many levels - we become energetically intertwined, our nervous system becomes tuned to our partner, our rhythms and habits are created around the other, we get used to a certain physical presence.

When that relationship is severed we must detach and recalibrate our physical, energetic, mental and emotional self on deep levels. It can be incredibly disorienting, painful, unwanted, and challenging.

If you’ve recently experienced a loss or break up you may still be in the initial shock, where you are having trouble concentrating, your emotions are out of control, grief hits you constantly, and your memory is shot.

You may feel drained and enervated, not sure how you’ll get through the day, meet your responsibilities. All you want to do is take to your bed, go into the “cave”, lick your wounds. Or, all you want to do is distract yourself, stay busy, be with people so you don’t have to be with yourself.

You may be a little further along where you feel a bit more stable but you can’t seem to move on, can’t imagine your future without your partner or loved one. You may wonder if you'll ever feel joy, or peace, and especially love again...and if a break-up wasn't your choice, how you'll forgive.

I have worked with many people suffering from devastating break-ups, illnesses, and death. I have gone through deeply painful loss myself. There is help available that can help you heal more consciously, deeply, and maybe with a bit more ease, from these kinds of losses.  

I work with a system I’ve developed called the 12 Rhythm Path. This is not a linear path. Grief and healing are not a linear process. More like a winding road, or spiral path where we double back, revisit emotions, go deeper, go further, fall back, sink down, and then forward again.

The components of the 12 Rhythms are these states of being:

  1. Reckoning - coming to terms with what is

  2. Presencing - staying connected to yourself and your body

  3. Summoning - calling in Allies

  4. Protecting - creating sacred space to do the healing work

  5. Allowing - letting what is be so in order to begin healing

  6. Releasing - moving into a deeper process of letting go

  7. Understanding - beginning to see more clearly, moving out of survival

  8. Invoking - calling in higher wisdom to know what is being asked of you

  9. Evolving - deciding to answer the call to evolve, coming back to Self

  10. Opening - calling in and accepting transformative energies

  11. Transforming - the process begins, opening to new life

  12. Receiving - refining your ability to receive and live what new life awaits

We start wherever you are on this path, you may even be in several places simultaneously. We work through and with each one, exploring the nature of each rhythm, how it feels in you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, learning how each rhythm can support and resource you.

Imagine this:

We connect in person or long distance video, I say a blessing for the session, and we both light the sage that is part of the healing gifts you receive with our work together. We smudge ourselves and our space.

We take a flower essence together, tuning ourselves to each other and the work to come, and anoint ourselves with essential oils. All of which are part of the gifts you receive when working with me.

I sit in deep presence with you while you share your story, tell me about your loss. You are seen, and you are heard. The healing time begins.

The most powerful aspects of the healing sessions, besides deep Presence, are Energy healing and Sound healing. They are powerful and profound modalities that move you through the experience more quickly, with deeper healing and transformation than what most traditional therapies can offer.  They are a part of each session.

Everyone is different with regards to how they move through the grieving time, and in how much support they need.

 I have designed session packages to offer the most support, in the time frame that suits you best. You can time the sessions in each package according to your needs.

A 3 Month package is 9 sessions for $1810 and is comprised of seven 60 minute sessions and two 90 minute sessions.

A 4 Month package is 11 sessions for $2160 and is comprised of nine 60 minute sessions and two 90 minute sessions.

A 6 month package is 16 sessions for $3090 and is comprised of thirteen 60 minute sessions and three 90 minute sessions.

Each package can be paid either in monthly installments, or if you’d like to pay in full you’ll receive a 5% discount.

These sessions can be done in person or long distance.  The healing work is just as powerful either way.  If you are doing distance sessions, you will have access to professional recordings of my gongs and singing bowls to listen to while I'm doing the healing work with you.  

In addition to the energy and sound healing you will receive a custom made package that includes a vibrational essence, essential oil blend, herbal teas to support your process, wild crafted smudge, and other tools to help with the healing and integration process.  You will also have email check-ins so you feel consistently supported during this challenging time.

If you have questions or want to set up sessions with me, please fill out this form with your contact information and I’ll get back to you promptly.  I so look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in a deep, powerful, well supported healing journey through this important time.

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