Healing and Transformation through Sound


The first time I experienced a sound healing session I almost quit graduate school.  It’s true.  I was in my first semester at Naropa and I went to a sound healer in Boulder.  As I lay on the table during the session, all I could think was “This feels like Home!”  All I wanted to do was learn sound healing. 

Luckily I came to my senses, and didn’t quit graduate school, but I did eventually learn sound healing – studying at the Kairos Institute, The Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School, and  9Ways Academia with world-renowned Bowl and Gong master Mitch Nur.  I have been in love with it ever since.

It is the most heavenly, divine experience to be transformed by the music of these sacred instruments.  They are designed to create altered states of consciousness that open your being to your True Nature, expanding the channels for your Essential Self to slip in, and stay.  They powerfully quiet the mind, harmonizing brain wave patterns, and dissolving the boundaries between mind, body and spirit, allowing you to slip into states of bliss and well-being.

If you are feeling the need to have both transcendent and nurturing time for yourself, where you can commune with your higher self, your inner wisdom, and the guidance of your allies, while feeling nourished and nurtured by sacred sound and loving energy, then these sessions are perfect for you.

You would come to the session with an intention regarding something you wish to manifest in your life or receive, and I invoke that intention through prayers and blessings while I am playing the bowls and gongs. 

The “voices” of the instruments powerfully enhance the prayers and blessings, so you are not only bathed in them during the session, but they are sent out into the universe to work on your behalf. As part of these sessions you are anointed with essential oils, and flower and gem essences, to enhance your sensory and transformational experience.

The instruments I use in my work are Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and sometimes tuning forks.  The bowls and gongs have all been hand-picked by me, recognized as special beings in their own right who lend their presence and sacred sounds to help us evolve in consciousness.

I have 4 stunning gongs, who range in size from 54” to 28”, and are placed around my massage table so you are bathed in sound differently than with the singing bowls.  The gong voice is powerful and enveloping, even when they are played gently. I also have 11 singing bowls, bells, and on and off the body tuning forks.

I don’t bang on the gongs, I play them smoothly so they build until they almost play themselves.  I’m simply creating the invitation for them to sing to you in the voices that best suit your soulful needs.

These sessions are 50 minutes and are $125

I invite you to come and be bathed in sound, scent, the essence of flowers and gems, blessings and prayers, and the sweet spirit of my healing space.

Just fill out the form below and I will be in touch right away to set up your sound healing session. These sessions also make unique and nurturing gifts for friends and loved ones, so include that in the message if you’d like to gift someone a session!

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