Preparation for and Reintegration

from Sacred Journeys

So here you are.

Your life is calling for transformation, significant transformation.

You have been called to leave your home and community and move into an experience like you’ve never had before. A sacred journey, into the more-than human, more-than physical worlds.

A sacred journey is travel to a destination with the intent of shifting and evolving consciousness. Some examples would be journeys to power sites on the planet, journeys to interact with non-human beings such as dolphins or whales, crop circle experiences, wilderness or vision quest experiences, plant medicine journeys, or time spent in an ashram or other spiritual community.

If you are preparing for a journey you have chosen, or really, that has chosen you, you may feel excited yet scared, clear yet confused, ready yet overwhelmed. You wonder if you’ll recognize yourself or your life afterwards. You may wish you had more support, more wisdom, more understanding of what you’re facing.

If you’ve returned from your experience, you may feel different, lighter, clearer, excited to start new. You may also feel a bit between the worlds, disoriented, emotional, moody, like you don’t fit into your old life.

It is not uncommon for re-entry back into your “old” life to be challenging, especially if you were awakened to states of joy, bliss, unconditional love, or deep peace.

 Visions and knowings you had on your journey, the things that became so clear about your Self and your life path, may be tested.  You may wish you had a guide to help you navigate and integrate your experience.

 I facilitated wild dolphin swims for 13 years, have done a vision quest, and have been to many sacred sites.  I am well aware of the deep, intense shifts and openings that occur during these experiences. I offer this work to meet just these needs - to be your guide in preparing for, and integrating from, a sacred journey.

What can make this integration process happen with ease and grace is an awareness of exactly what is happening to you, how you can work with it instead of resisting, and what the natural stages of a transformational journey are, including where you are in that process.

Additionally, vibrational resonancy support can help your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies smoothly process and integrate the changes catalyzed by your journey, so that you are in harmony with the transformational forces working with you.

Your life wants to be harmonized and aligned with your soul purpose and spirit path – it naturally seeks the highest expression of its potential. What makes the difference is how well you are managing the internal journey, the journey of your heart and spirit, which begins before you actually reach your destination, and continues after you return home. 


You can choose a Preparation package, a Reintegration package, or both. You’ll receive a 10% discount off the cost of both if you sign up for and prepay in advance.

These packages include vibrational healing work in each session, cognitive awareness work, tasks and suggestions for you to work with on your own, email check-ins if needed, and a vibrational essence made just for you.

Preparation for your Sacred Journey

An Initial 90 minute session with an additional 45 minute session. We will start as soon as you’ve committed to your experience as the energies start working with you before you’ve even begun the journey. The cost for this package is $410.

Reintegration from your

Sacred Journey

This package is an initial 75 minute session plus two 45 minute sessions. These can be spaced at your discretion, with the first session set for right after your return. The cost for this package is $505.

You’ll be amazed at the difference preparation and synthesis can make in your experience and your life after a sacred journey. I love to be in the energetic presence of the people, places, and things you all go to experience, and to help connect abiding resonance between you and them.

Just fill out the form below to set up times for these beautiful sessions, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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